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Beltane – October 31st


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Beltane Blessings to all!

While it may be Halloween in the Northern hemisphere, here in the Southern hemisphere it is the festival of Beltane.

While traditionally celebrated on the 31st of October, in Australia 2019, Beltane will officially fall on the 8th of November at 3:14 am (AEST).

Beltane is the time of divine union between the Goddess and the God or the Earth and the Sun. This union fertilises the Earth and sustains life.

Traditional observances are cleansing fires to celebrate the Sun’s healing fire uniting with the Earth, Maypole dancing (in which the feminine and the masculine energies are interwoven), and of course love-making in nature.

Activities that are sensual and pleasurable and that bring together body and spirit such as full-body massage, a bath or sauna, and dancing or enjoyable exercise are also a good expression for the energies. Beltane is a time to give to yourself both in body and spirit.

Beltane is a wonderful time to bring together the Goddess and the God within yourself through the self-blessing of your body from head to toe. It is also a time to consider how your Spirit and your physical life can be united and consummated further into the passionate, creative and satisfying life that you desire.

Enjoy and empower yourself, manifest your desires!