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Our Seasonal Astrology


Imbolc – August 1st


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Imbolc blessings to all!

While traditionally celebrated on the 1st of August, astrologically, in Australia 2019, Imbolc peaks on Thursday the 8th of August at 5:19 am (AEST).

Imbolc is a time in which we and the earth awaken from Winter’s sleep – refreshed and renewed to start a new cycle in the outer world.

We see early flowers and we feel the sun’s warmth slowly returning. The Goddess becomes the budding and virginal maiden and we welcome her return.

This is the time to symbolically and literally plant the seeds that you have found during Winter’s time of inner vision.

Imbolc is a time to purify your intentions and commit to the first steps to make your visions a reality.


A Healing Ritual for Imbolc    

A bath with added salts will purify and refresh you. White candles around the bath are also good for focusing your pure intent and energising your new beginnings.

Things are always difficult at the beginning, so achieving clarity as to what you really want to grow and how you are going to nurture it step-by-step are important.

All meditation really is is becoming still and focusing on your inner world.

  • While in your bath, close your eyes and focus on your breathing until you are relaxed, calm and still. Feel yourself arriving into the present moment.
  • Once you reach a state of relaxation, you will become more aware of your inner thoughts and feelings. Then ask yourself the questions: “What do I really want?” “What steps do I need to take to make this happen?”
  • Observe whatever thoughts, feelings or images come to you. These may provide you with even more clarity as to what is most important for you to take action on.
  • Write your insights down afterwards.
  • Take action! Commit to your goal and take at least one small step towards it. The planting of seeds literally or symbolically will also assist your focus. You may wish to plant a seed /some seeds and focus on your goals as you do.