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Litha: Summer Solstice – December 21st



Summer Solstice blessings everyone!

While traditionally celebrated on December 21st, astrologically, in Australia 2019, Summer Solstice occurs on December the 22nd at 2:19 pm (AEST). So in Australia 2019, December 22nd is the longest day of the year. The Sun is then at its highest and brightest, and this marks Summer Solstice or Litha.

While it is Yule or Winter Solstice in the Northern hemisphere (on which the Christian festival of Christmas is based), here in the Southern hemisphere, it is our harvest festival.

Summer Solstice is a time of abundance: of enjoying and connecting with nature, and certainly of celebrating and receiving the Earth’s bounty. So the practice of feasting and gift giving as we do at Christmas in Australia is not out of step with the season!

This is a time to be thankful, and to enjoy and to share abundance with all.

Feast and be merry, give and receive freely.

Blessings to all!