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Our Seasonal Astrology


Samhain – Halloween – April 30th/May 1st


Our Samhain offering to you:

Until midnight May 6th, call by credit card & pay 30c per min less for your psychic readings at $3.30 pm incl GST!



Halloween Blessings!

While in the northern hemisphere, they have recently passed through Spring Equinox or “Ostara” (on which the Christian festival of Easter is based), here in the southern hemisphere we are at the opposite seasonal pole and it is Halloween or “Samhain” (as it was called by the ancients) generally celebrated on April 30th/May 1st.

Astrologically, in Australia 2019, Halloween peaks on the 6th of May at 4:58 am (AEST).

At Halloween, the dark half of the year (from late April until late October) begins and Winter takes hold. The earth becomes cold and less fertile. Nature slows down and draws her energies inwards. Our energies are also drawn inwards so this is a time of introspection and contemplation.

This is the time of the Crone or female elder. Her womb is both the tomb and the Underworld. The Underworld is the place of initiation where the Crone Goddess is the teacher of all life’s mysteries through which one must pass to be reborn. Warmed by the fire of soul, she stirs her sacred cauldron containing the mysteries of life from which we are able to drink.

Halloween is a time in which the veils between worlds are thin and are often parted. Therefore the veils between the living and the Spirit world are more easily peered through. So this is the best time of the year for psychic work, mediumship, communing with those who have passed, and divination. That is why Halloween is often known as “the witching (or wise) hour”.

Halloween is also a time to remember and honour your blood-line ancestors and those who have passed.

While Halloween is a time of death and of pondering death, death is a transformation always followed by rebirth. So Halloween is a time for seeing what must die, for letting go of the old, and then conceiving of the new. It is a time to face ourselves honestly, and to reflect on the past and learn from it. It is then a time to sit with new ideas and see what wisdom and guidance emerges concerning them.

The time to act will be in Spring. So for now, consider the things you would like to change and take note of creative ideas as they come to you in the next few weeks. Pay attention to your dreams and don’t try to work things out with your rational mind – your intuitive truths will bubble up from the Crone’s cauldron in their own way and time!