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Lammas – February 2nd


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Lammas Blessings!

While traditionally celebrated on the 2nd of February, in Australia 2019, Lammas peaks on Monday the 4th of February at 1:01 pm (AEST).

Lammas is a time of harvest. The power of the Sun God wanes and he becomes the grain or harvest. He sacrifices himself so that life may continue. The Goddess at this time is split in personality between Mother protecting the growing harvest, and Crone as the sickle of death who cuts down the crops.

At Lammas we turn towards the coming death of Winter yet we are also celebrating the harvest and giving thanks for what has been. As the plants die, they drop their fruits and seeds for our use & for future crops. So in essence the theme of Lammas is that there is life in death and also death in life.

Lammas is a time to take stock and re-evaluate. A time to consider what to release and what to commit to again and for the future – a time of maturity. Traditionally contracts were often signed and marriages were often performed at Lammas and these were binding for a full year cycle until the next Lammas.

Ask yourself: How have my plans of Spring gone? Could I have done more? What would I change? What needs to be removed and what needs to be included in my future plans?

Enjoy your harvest and learn from your experiences!