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Shar 399



Shar is currently away. 

Shar’s regular shift times (in EST) are:

Tues  5:30 pm – 10:30 pm


Hi I’m Shar. I’m a third generation Creole Mystic, born in West Africa, lived in India, London and now Australia. My intuitive gifts are from my maternal grandmother but I have enhanced these gifts by studying Metaphysics and travelling to over 43 countries in the world, visiting sacred sights and connecting to different frequencies.

I am a qualified Theta Healing practitioner, Crystal & Colour Healing therapist, Reiki Master, Isis Seichim Master, The Reconnection, Sound Healings/Crystal Pyramids, and Emotional Freedom Technique.

During a session, I literally become a copy of your heart, by tuning into your heart’s energetic field and using my spiritual gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience; I am able to read the energy or vibration in your heart or ANYONE or ANY SITUATION.

I feel all your emotions during a reading or healing; I combine my rare psychic gifts to provide powerful healings using energetic tools, including the Emotional Freedom Technique, Tibetan Singing Bowls/Quartz Pyramids and Orgonite Amplifier Pyramid.

I am bright, funny, honest and full of spiritual wisdom and my love of others and desire to help, literally shines through; when you connect with me you instantly feel calm and loved. I have been a reader/healer for many lifetimes; it is the essence of who I am.

I am straight talking, so if you need answers and practical guidance about: relationships* career* contact a loved one* information from your Spirit Guides/Angels* past lives* future lives* animal readings or any of life’s challenges, please call me today. I am here to help. With love & gratitude xx


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Pay by Card 1300 269 593 – $3.60 per min incl GST – Psychic code 399

For International Callers, Pay by Card +61 88 125 6268 (with the + being replaced by your country’s international access code) – $3.60 Australian dollars per min incl GST – Psychic code 399