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Psychic Readings are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please note that readings are for guidance only.


“Call now” buttons will work on phone devices only. 

To pay by credit card call:

1300 269 593 – $3.60 per min incl GST

Auto-charged at $5.00 for the first 2 mins, and then $54.00 per 15 mins after that. If you don’t get connected to a psychic, or use all of a 15 min block, you are auto-refunded any unused amounts. For more information, click on: Frequently asked questions.

To pay by phone account call:

1900 999 500 – $3.96 per min incl GST mobiles/pay extra (Monessa Gulf)

For International callers, pay by credit card and call:

+61 88 125 6268 (with the + being replaced by your country’s international access code) – $3.60 Australian dollars per min incl GST

Calls are auto-charged and auto-refunded as per the credit card system listed just above. For more information, click on: Frequently asked questions.

For urgent enquiries or technical assistance, call:

1300 695 089  or

+61 88 125 6262  (International)


For general enquiries or feedback, email us below: 


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