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About Anna



I am a psychic reader, energy healer and Transpersonal counsellor of 25+ years and a professional member of the International Psychics Association. My work is a sacred calling for me and part of my spiritual path.

I was given the name Aaesha by Spirit.

I have been through many initiations from Spirit and I have access to many dimensions including: angelic, elemental, ancestral, totemic, past, present and future.

I began doing psychic readings at the age of 21 after first encountering Tarot cards. In that moment I knew how to read them, and that I had read them in many lifetimes before.

I have worked as a psychic reader both in person and over the phone throughout my career.

As an energy healer, I am a healing channel of Divine life force and crystalline energies.

Through channelled knowledge and energies, psychic feeling and sight, assistance from my guides and the oracle of Tarot, I help many achieve greater understanding, direction, healing, empowerment and peace in their lives.

I was guided by Spirit to create this business, and as the manager of Guiding Light Psychics, I am dedicated to providing a service of the highest quality and integrity for all.

May you receive the blessings of Spirit always,

Anna Hood/ Aaesha



“Salt of the earth woman, who acts with integrity in everything she does”. – Deanna

“My experience of Anna as a reader has been one of great insight and truth. Anna’s readings are extensive and beyond the realms of this world.” – Lynn N.

“Anna’s work is honest, compassionate and real. She has always treated me with respect, no matter where I am in life, and she is able to balance being honest and clear with compassion and support. I have always walked away from every session with her feeling more competent and clear.” – Patricia VIC

“Anna is able to clearly identify my key life issues be they physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, which are relevant at the present time, and she provides clear unambiguous guidance about ways to address those issues. Her guidance is not speculative or fanciful, its focused and realistic providing clarity to my understanding of life challenges with practical approaches to working them though. I continue to seek her guidance on critical issues when Spirit prompts me do so.” – Roger

“Anna’s readings are of a high standard. Wisdom and knowledge of old comes through in these readings. I have recommended many people to consult her over the years, and these people have spoken highly of her and her readings.” – Bill S.

“Anna has great skill as a reader and energy healer.  Her insights and abilities have helped me tremendously at some pretty tenuous times.  Her awareness has helped me access some great resources and move forward at ‘stuck’ points, as well as experiencing physical relief from symptoms. Her presence is always welcoming, and her listening skills are amazing.  Thank-you so much Anna, you are a gem and I would not hesistate to return when required.” – K.A. Adelaide

“Anna is a highly intuitive and accurate reader who not only offers insight into the practical mundane possibilities in front of you; but goes directly to the soul of the matter and illuminates what it is that your system is wanting you to learn from the experiences unfolding. I was seriously impressed with her abilities! Strongly recommended.” – Prue Blackmore

“I have experienced Anna’s energy healing work both on a personal level and as a referring health practitioner. As an acupuncturist, I have found that patients carrying complex energetic blocks  made astounding progress in minimal time after resolving karmic issues with Anna. The results have amazed me, and I can see that this energetic medicine is the way of the future.” – A. Hart SA

“Anna is a really insightful psychic reader. She tunes into exactly what is going on in me and is able to help me clarify where I am at. Her words resonate with my own internal knowing. For me Anna is a soul counsellor helping me to access my deeper truths. I always leave our sessions feeling lighter and clearer. Anna is the real thing!” – Susie Allen

“I feel such gratitude for your presence in my life. Yours is such a gift. Thank-you.” – David

“I had secretly hoped to one day find someone who offers the quality of healing that Anna does. It has filled in so many gaps for me. Sometimes I am not able to accept what she sees… in time, the lights go on and I have a profound recognition of its truth. I am awed by the perceptiveness & integrity of this work & so grateful.” – Jodie SA

“Over the last few years I have found Anna to be an accurate & truthful Tarot reader. She won’t tell you what you want to hear, just to please you, as some readers do. Rather the messages I have received have been helpful guidance, and have resonated deeply with me, assisting me to navigate life’s challenges. I can highly recommend her services as an honest & experienced tarot reader. As a person who was slightly sceptical about energy work (because I couldn’t feel, hear, or see the energy), I am now a convert. I had several energy sessions with Anna, and always felt better after each one. I appreciated that she worked with my energetic/emotional & physical bodies, and then explained in insightful & intuitive detail what had just happened. I found Anna to be a gifted, & honest energy worker, and I can highly recommend her services.” – C.G. SA

“I have seen Anna for energy healing and wow what an intense journey! Anna is such a beautiful gentle, generous soul with the utmost integrity & commitment to what she does. My experience is that when Anna is in a session with me, she is a pure channel for the energies and has none of her own agendas there – she is completely present. Even though the process has been so intense for me, Anna has created a calm, peaceful, safe space for the whole process.” – Nicole

“Anna has worked with me as a psychic, energy worker and counsellor over several years, and my experience in exploring my outer and inner life has been extraordinary.  Anna has helped me to unlock some of my deepest mysteries, bringing great insight and healing to my life.  She is a master of following threads, unravelling knots and joining seemingly unrelated pieces together to reveal a meaningful, exhilarating story of my life.  I cannot recommend her highly enough!” – Ruth SA

“Am amazing psychic with a wonderful gift, Anna has been my guardian angel. She has been accurate with everything I have been told and she has helped me through my healing process and guided me through the most difficult time in my life. Through her reading abilities I have been able to move forward in the positive way. She is truth.” – Angela NSW

“I have found Anna’s wise insights to be incredibly helpful. Through her readings Anna has been a wonderful support through some very difficult times and has helped me with some major healing. Her down-to-earth manner, compassion and gentle humour coupled with her uncannily accurate gift have made Anna a truly wise woman.” – Julie

“Anna is an inspirational, talented healer, who through her guidance and insight assists in the transformation of the body and spirit to greater health and understanding. Anna’s compassion and guidance is a blessing to all those that are fortunate to have encountered her. Whether it is an ailment of the body, or of the heart, or of the spirit, through her calling as a healer, it will aid in an improvement of one’s life, and those that surround them.” – Colyn

“Anna’s energy healing sessions are very deep and powerful, transforming old or stuck emotions thoughts and patterns. Her deep insight, her intuitive knowing of energy and the body and her great compassion make it easy and natural to trust and let go. Beautiful work!” – Heather SA

“Anna is an amazing healer. I was having anxiety attacks when I first came to see her. Finally, after years of searching it started to make sense and I felt hopeful. I started to improve quite quickly. If I had seen someone else it would have taken much longer (even years) to see this much of a result. Anna gets it!” – Kristen

“Anna is caring, respectful and insightful throughout my sessions. Her delivery is always sensitive and supportive to me, so that I have the chance to go away and empower myself.” – L.R. SA

“I would highly recommend Anna for a major tune up! I feel stronger physically, mentally and emotionally. She has removed years of trauma big and small and I feel I am capable of creating a fantastic life for myself.” – Vickie Berry

“I went to see Anna for some issues that were proving to be very stubborn. I have been experiencing some wonderful shifts since I have been seeing her. My family also noticed, and now my husband, children, parents and siblings all go for sessions with her. Her ability to heal is amazing, I would recommend her services to anyone without hesitation.” – Bianca SA