Welcome to Guiding Light Psychics  


Guiding Light Psychics are an Australia-wide network of psychics whose skills include clairvoyance, spirit mediumship, Tarot and oracle reading and healing.


We share passion for our work and we are committed to the service of Spirit and others.


More than day-to-day predictions, we offer you readings to explore the full potential of your soul path. This is a time of great changes of consciousness, and we offer you new ways of seeing and experiencing your world - providing fresh insight and guidance for your life choices.


Whatever your questions or issues, our caring psychics seek to shine the light of awareness for all.


Our readers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


To pay by phone account call:  1902 256 020   $3.96 per min incl GST                                                                                                                    mobiles/pay extra (Monessa Gulf)


To pay by credit card call:  1300 269 593    $3.60 per min incl GST

Auto-charged at $5.00 for the first 2 mins, and then $54.00 per 15 mins after that. If you don't get connected to a psychic, or use all of a 15 min block, you are auto-refunded any unused amounts. For more information, click on: Frequently asked questions. 


For International callers, pay by credit card and call: +61 88 125 6268

(with the + being replaced by  your country's international access code) $3.60 Australian dollars per min incl GST.

Calls are auto-charged and auto-refunded as per the credit card system listed just above. 


Please note that readings are for guidance only. 


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